Monday, December 11, 2017

Merit Badge Day continues troop’s advancement efforts

For the second weekend in a row, Troop 50 Scouts gathered to work on merit badges that would aid their rank-advancement efforts. At the troop’s annual Merit Badge Day, Scouts were able to pursue one of three merit badges: Eagle-required Citizenship in the World Merit Badge, and elective Aviation and Composite Materials merit badges.

Boone, Luke and Josh (left to right) mapped out similarities and differences
between rights and duties of U.S. citizenship compared to those in Djibouti and Italy.

Scoutmaster Andrew Baird counseled Scouts on Citizenship in the World Merit Badge, which addresses information relating to global relations and the individuals and entities that affect those relations. To earn the merit badge, Scouts must be familiar with the methods, rights and duties of U.S. citizenship and how they resemble or differ with those of citizens of other countries. They also discussed specific world events and how those situations affect matters of security, economy and health. Scouts learned about the types of government structures, international law and non-governmental organizations that exist and their global roles.

Assistant Scoutmaster Will Brett works with Scouts on creating models
they will use to test aviation principles.

New Assistant Scoutmaster Will Brett, who as an aviation management student at Auburn University, counseled Scouts on Aviation Merit Badge by sharing about the science, mechanics and training that comprise aviation science. They put some of this information into practice by building models that demonstrated those principles. The class included a brief field trip to the Auburn University Regional Airport, as well as a discussion of career opportunities available in the aviation industry.

Scouts pursuing Composite Materials Merit Badge met at Auburn University’s National Center for Asphalt Technology. There, they learned what composite materials are, how they are made, and the handling and safety precautions associated with them. They also discussed careers available in the composite materials industry and the types of projects these professionals would use composite materials for.

Following the merit badge classes, many of the Scouts participated in a troop outing to go bowling.

For more pictures from the troop’s Merit Badge Day, visit the troop’s online photo album.