Saturday, December 9, 2017

Scouts explore vet med careers through merit badge class

It's no secret that the Boy Scouts' merit badge program introduces Scouts to a wide variety of career fields. Studies show that many Scouts — even those who don't obtain the Eagle Scout rank — find their future vocations of choice through exposure to one of Scouting's 130-plus merit badges. To that end, Troop 50 strives to connect Scouts with merit badge opportunities outside those like First Aid, Camping, Cooking and others that are required to earn the Eagle Scout rank.

On Saturday, Dec. 2, several of the troop's Scouts took advantage of such an opportunity by participating in a Veterinary Medicine Merit Badge class hosted at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. Virginia Stillwell, a third-year veterinary medicine student, led the course. In addition to her academic studies, she also oversees the college's summer program for high school and middle school students.

Veterinary Medicine Merit Badge requires that Scouts learn about and discuss the various fields of veterinary medicine — ranging from companion animals to large, marine and exotic species. They also must become familiar with the professional roles veterinarians play in public health, military, regulatory, academic and research environments. The Scouts learned from students and professors about the training required to become a vet. They also were able to tour the college's various research facilities.

For more photos from the merit badge class, visit the troop's online photo album.