Tuesday, June 11, 2013


        Today included a trip to the rifle and shotgun range, which produced spectacular results. Josh, Michael, Louie, and Mark shot .22 caliber rifles. Louie and Mark also took on the skeet range with 20 gauge shotguns. Jeffery came along as an observer but claimed that handling firearms conflicted with his pacifism. 

Michael, Louie, and Josh show off their targets

Louie and Mark with their handiwork

        On the skeet range, Mark punctured the sky with thunderous sound while Louie went after the clay pigeons with a vengeance. His final tally was 7 out of 10, which tied him with the scoutmaster's score. The tie was bad enough. Had he beaten me, I would never hear the end of it. 

Louie shoots down the clays

        The morning Eagle Bound program included first aid training and swimming merit badge. Scouts also worked on leatherwork projects in the handicraft lodge. A five mile hike was scheduled for the evening after dinner but we decided they couldn't possibly finish before darkness fell. We pulled our scouts from the hike and have rescheduled for another day.

          We are about to head to the vesper service at the chapel. I was able to upload photos to the online photo gallery today. More fun to come.