Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday, Monday

        Today's blog post comes without photos since my computer and the SD card from the camera are not speaking to one another. I hope they will reconcile their differences tomorrow.

        Last night, the scoutmaster from one of the other troops in our campsite had to deal with an outbreak of homesickness. He endured a steady stream of scouts visiting his tent with a wide litany of complaints. I never heard a sound from our Troop 50 scouts but they were awake at 6:00 am ready to start the day. 

        The Eagle Bound program began this morning with knot tying and other Tenderfoot skills. The boys were introduced to new skills, although Josh noted that as a Tenderfoot already, those things were old hat to him. Jeffery is working on merit badges this week and has already earned his first one. Fingerprinting MB only took him about fifteen minutes to complete. 

        After a lunch of BBQ chicken sandwiches, the afternoon began with a nature hike followed by a trip to the lake. The scouts either swam or made numerous trips down the waterslide. Later, we went canoeing. Mr. Moran, from Troop 226, and myself found ourselves under attack by Josh and Michael in one canoe, Mark and Louie in another, and three 226 scouts in a third canoe. Using our paddles to splash one another, all were thoroughly soaked by the time we were done. 

        Although the Adventure Valley mud run was the anticipated event of the day, in the end; Josh, Louie, Mark, and Michael decided to forego the mud run in favor of a return to the waterslide. As I write this, all have returned to the campsite and are gathered with the 226 scouts playing cards. They are also looking forward to tomorrow, which will include a trip to the shotgun and rifle range in the afternoon. Hopefully, I will have the photos to prove it.