Friday, April 18, 2014

Eagles Two

      This week's meeting of the Saugahatchee District Eagle Board saw the approval of two new Eagle Scouts from Troop 50. Vincent Chu and Ethan Smith sat for their boards of review and each equally impressed the Board with their Scouting knowledge, leadership skills, and accomplishment of their Eagle service projects.  Their names now take their place on the roster of Eagle Scouts in the Troop 50 Eagle's Nest, found on our website.

Vincent with his current scoutmaster and former Cub Scout den leader.

       For his project, Vincent completed a bee enclosure for the Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve. Two honey bee hives are recent additions to the Preserve and the enclosure serves as a barrier, behind which visitors may observe the hives. In addition, the project also includes two benches for use when classes are held about the work of the bees. Photos from his project are found on the troop's Online Photo Gallery.
      Vincent has attended National Youth Leadership Training and also served on the NYLT staff in 2011. He previously served as a Senior Patrol Leader and has served Troop 50 as a Patrol Leader, Troop Guide, and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader. He recently transitioned to an adult leadership role and currently serves the troop as an assistant scoutmaster.

Ethan with his proud family.

       Ethan's Eagle service project involved the construction of a bridge in the outdoor activities area at Ogletree Elementary School. The 24-foot long bridge stretches across a wash where water collects during rainstorms. The bridge allows students to move between the outdoor classroom and other activity areas without walking through a potentially muddy area. Photos of the project may be found on the Online Photo Gallery.
      Ethan served as Troop 50's founding Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and has also served in Scouting as a Patrol Leader, Instructor, and Quartermaster. He is a member of the Order of the Arrow and attended National Youth Leadership Training. He will soon take on a new role as a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster in the troop.

      The troop now has two Eagle Court's of Honor to hold in the near future. In addition, with several other Eagle service projects in various stages of planning, the potential exists for other Scouts from the troop to also advance to Eagle this year. Please join me in congratulating Ethan and Vincent on their accomplishment while cheering on those who will soon follow them.