Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sharpening our knife skills

Troop 50 sharpened its knife skills with a variety of round-robin presentations during Monday night's meeting — a perfect topic for tenured Scouts and visiting Webelos from Cub Scout Pack 29 alike. After the troop's opening ceremony, visiting Webelos introduced themselves, and everyone divided into and rotated among the various instructional stations.

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader John discusses the purpose of and
etiquette surrounding an axe yard, and what Scouts
might expect to find in one.

Patrol Leader Vincent (right) demonstrates with Michael (left)
how to properly pass a pocketknife to someone else, as well
as the principles of a "blood circle" and other best practices.

Senior Patrol Leader William demonstrates proper techniques
of using, sharpening and caring for hand tools such as
axes, hatchets and bowsaws.

At the conclusion of the meeting, those who attended the troop's recent Gatlinburg ski trip recounted the outing, and troop leadership reminded Scouts about upcoming summer camp plans. The troop also welcomed new Life Scout Cameron, who transferred from another local troop, and presented the Totin' Chip card to Andy.