Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Did someone call a doctor?

Check out more photos from our
troop meeting/first-aid exercise
in our online photo album
The emphasis of our Feb. 25 meeting was first aid, which was great as the troop welcomed two soon-to-be Troop 50 members who will cross over from Pack 29. Our new Scouts also had the opportunity to witness senior Scouts in action from the best vantage point possible -- as "victims" during the exercise.

After the troop's traditional meeting opening, Scouts were presented with four first-aid scenarios that required patrols to work together in a true test of Scouting emergency preparedness. First aid challenges included some lifelike infirmities -- compliments of scoutmaster-turned-makeup-artist Andrew Baird:
  • profusely bleeding palm laceration
  • second-degree cooking burn
  • wilderness snake bite
  • forearm broken bone
The patrols demonstrated a good command for working as a team and mitigating these emergency situations. Thankfully, our "victims" all lived (without incurring any new injuries in the process!).

In addition to the first aid exercise, the Average Joes patrol flag reappeared at the troop meeting after a long absence. By the end of the meeting, it was display-ready having been mounted to its own patrol flagpole.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's a little nippy out here!

The title may have been an understatement if you were on Troop 50's Feb. 16-17 campout at Blue Springs State Park in Clio, Ala. The troop braved gusting winds throughout the afternoon -- one so strong that it ripped the just-put-up dining fly off three of its guidelines as soon as it was set up. Ironically, most agreed that it felt colder during the afternoon amid the wind gusts than it did sleeping in the mid-20 degree weather that evening.

View more photos from the museum tour in our online photo album
After dropping its gear, the troop made an excursion to nearby Ft. Rucker, where Scouts toured the U.S. Army Aviation Museum. The museum offered Scouts a retrospective walk through Army aviation with actual and replica aircraft -- from a plane model designed by the Wright Brothers to actual aircraft that once carried the president to the latest in drone technology. Since the troop is sponsored by the Auburn Rotary Club, it was a special opportunity to have the president of the Enterprise Rotary Club, who is also on the board of the museum, as part of the tour.

The troop returned to Blue Springs, where it battled gusting winds but feasted on a warm dinner of grilled chicken and all the s'mores Scouts could eat. Everyone was moving a little slowly Sunday morning as the day (and the Scouts) slowly warmed up, but that didn't stop gear from being packed and the troop from observing the day of worship with a Scout-led devotional.

The campout also allowed the troop to debut its new troop T-shirts, designed by Master Graphics screenprinters in Auburn. Thanks to Master Graphics for giving our new troop a new graphic look and identity!

Monday's Patrol Leaders' Council complimented everyone on how they worked as a team in light of the adverse wind and cold conditions. They also liked the field trip component of the campout. The next weekend outing will be the troop's attendance at the Saugahatchee District spring camporee March 15-17.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Scout is reverent

As Auburn United Methodist Church celebrated Scout Sunday today, several Troop 50 Scouts and leaders who worship with their families at AUMC celebrated the annual event by joining with more than 50 other Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts by serving in one of the church's five services. Thanks to Kyle for ushering in the 8 am Sanctuary service; Davis for saying the opening prayer and Robert for helping with the Scripture reading in the 9:30 am Chapel service; James Robert for ushering in the 9:30 am Sanctuary service; Andrew for filling in all morning where needed; and Rob Stanford for his leadership when not working the sound boards during the Sanctuary services. Many of our Troop 50 families were additionally represented by their Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts who provided similar services.

Michael Tullier
Chartered Org Rep
and Troop Chaplain

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mom's Only Brunch

     On Saturday morning, the moms of Troop 50 got together for the First Annual Mom's Only Brunch. It was great to spend time together and learn about each other, our families, and our scouts too. Also, there was lots of yummy food! There are no photos because what happens at a Mom's Only Brunch, stays at a Mom's Only Brunch - LOL. I am looking forward to seeing all of these special women again soon at other Troop 50 events.
    Thanks for a great morning,

A fresh coat of paint

Scouts got together Saturday to put a fresh coat of paint on the troop's chuckboxes. We'll reveal these artistic masterpieces later when the paint dries!