Saturday, May 11, 2013

Afternoon hike spans 3 Alabama counties

Following patrol lunches, the troop set out on a hike to explore Tannehill State Park. This included trails taking the troop past a slave cemetery and to a point in the park where Bibb, Jefferson and Tuscaloosa counties all meet -- allowing the troop to claim a tri-county hike (although most avoided spending much time in Tuscaloosa County, for obvious reasons).
The trail took the troop to the historic ironworks and other sites. There, the troop split into separate groups. One group chose to explore the waterfalls on the way back to the campsite. The other explored geocaches in the park (which also meant getting caught by the 30-minute rain shower). By the time the geocache group returned to camp, it had logged 6.5 miles.
Patrols are now focusing on dinner as the rain seems to be picking up again. Having pavilions for each patrol has helped! Tomorrow's agenda includes our conservation project and Scouts' Own Service.
We're posting pictures as we can, with more to come when we get back. Check them out in our online photo album at