Sunday, April 28, 2013

'Far-flung' idea becomes ScoutFest hit!

When most folks think of Boy Scouts, visions of camping, campfires and knot-tying come to mind. So, when Scouts suggested during the March Patrol Leaders Council that Troop 50 combine pioneering and lashings with the science of a trebuchet, more than a few eyebrows raised. But, thanks for the trebuchet experience and ingenuity of leaders Jim Perry and Wade Daniel, this far-flung idea became a reality as part of the April 27 ScoutFest, part of the City of Auburn’s 2013 Auburn CityFest.

The idea is simple, but the science of angles, force and counterweights – which dates back to the Middle Ages – may not always be an easy one to grasp. Scouts envisioned an exhibit that would allow participants to witness bot the ingenuity of Scouting with some if the organization’s basic tenets like knot-tying and pioneering. Visitors to Saturday’s display found on a pioneered, camp gadget-style table a homemade trebuchet capable of firing a football more than 20 feet through a lashed-together goal post. As the day went on, Scouts experimented with other projectiles, such as tennis balls and rubber balls given away at the event by Chick-fil-a. Scouts learned how to effectively adjust the trebuchet’s firing angles to compensate for changing weights and to allow for throwing farther distances.

ScoutFest also included two sessions of “Are You Tougher than a Boy Scout?” based on the National Geographic Channel’s recent series. The ScoutFest sessions, like the television series, pitted Scouts vs. adults to demonstrate which team had a greater command of Scout skills and knowledge. Andrew and Davis represented Troop 50 well in the morning and afternoon sessions, respectively. Check out video on Saugahatchee District's Facebook page or YouTube channel.

The troop had a great showing for the day with a majority of the troop’s Scouts – including several of our newest additions – helping throughout the day! Check out more photos and video in our online photo album or Facebook page.