Wednesday, June 21, 2023

On the Rooftop of Philmont

Group of Scouts sitting at the top of a mountain
The crew summits Baldy Mountain

On Tuesday, the crew hiked into Baldytown then on to Copper Park, which is their staging camp for hiking up Mount Baldy. Officially known as Baldy Mountain, this scenic peak is often the centerpiece of Philmont photography. The highest peak at Philmont, it stands at 12,441 feet above sea level—making it the challenge to conquer for Philmont backpackers. 

Group of Scouts backpacking with mountains behind them
Always happy for a photo spot, the crew takes a break for a scenic pose.

Scouts standing on top of of a pile of old wood with one Scout throwing a snowball in the background
At least one Scout was able to muster enough
snow for a snowball fight.
This morning, the crew left Copper Park at 6:30 a.m., had breakfast along the trail, and summited the mountain at 10:08 a.m. The weather was beautiful and perfect for the hike. On the way down, the crew had lunch in a meadow next to a snowbank. The Scouts took the opportunity to have a snowball fight after lunch.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the crew is back in Baldytown, where they will take a respite before heading to French Henry for some gold panning. Hopes are high that enough gold will be panned to offset the cost of the trip.

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