Saturday, June 16, 2018

Sleeping with the bears (CDB Day 7)

Saturday morning we woke up early after sleeping with bears all around, dressed in Class A, and packed up our trailer so we can start the trek back to Auburn.  The scouts were very quick and cooperative to get camp ready for us to leave.  Mr. Chism took the trailer out of the campsite and we all headed to the dining hall for breakfast.

At the dining hall we were treated with blueberry muffins and milk.  We were hopeful this would tide us over until lunch.  After a bit of discussion about the condition of the tents in the campsite with the ranger, we were on our way home.

Chick-Fil-A was our lunch of choice in Gainesville
We were able to get into Gainesville with no incident to enjoy some Chick-Fil-A.  They did an amazing job of serving our scouts and satisfying their appetites.  What a great treat after a week of camp food.  Speaking of camp food...  Camp Daniel Boone served some high quality and good tasting food all week.  Not bad at all for camp food!  Even the picky eaters found something to eat each day and tried new things throughout the week.

After dealing with several traffic issues in Atlanta, we were able to get back to Auburn around 2:15pm where scouts said goodbye, gathered their belongings and headed home.  We are grateful to Auburn United Methodist Church for allowing us to use their buses for travel.  This allowed us to travel with 2 buses and a truck and trailer instead of a convoy of personal vehicles.

Group picture from beginning of camp
Summer camp was another great success.  Thanks to all of our scouts at camp for making it a success by doing as they were asked and working hard on merit badges, requirements, and competitions.  They represented our troop very well.  Thanks also to the adult leaders who took a week off to lead these scouts.  Every leader played a vital role in the success of this trip throughout the week.  Thank you for your patience with the slowness of communication.  There is virtually no cell service at camp and using the internet in only one room at camp was a challenge and was quite slow and unreliable.  And that's all from Summer Camp 2018!