Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Ga-Ga Mania! (CDB Day 3)

A beautiful morning at camp
Tuesday started off well and for the second day in a row the scouts are quick to rise and get ready for the day.  We enjoyed a breakfast of chicken biscuits, folded eggs, and the cereal bar.  Everyone is enjoying the food provided at the dining hall each day and nobody is going hungry.  After breakfast, we participated in the flag raising ceremony before several scouts headed to the ga-ga pit for a friendly game before classes for the day begin.  The ga-ga pit is a big attraction for most of the scouts and gets a lot of attention throughout the day.

Ga-ga is quite popular here.
The scouts attended their classes throughout the morning as they diligently worked on their requirements for merit badges.  At one point, adult leaders in camp were greeted by Whit carrying a dead fish in a bag.  He caught this fish in Lake Allen and it helps fulfill a requirement for the Fishing merit badge.  Another requirement is to clean and cook the fish.  We are hopeful that the other boys working on the Fishing merit badge will catch fish as well and we'll cook them all at the same time.  Currently, the fish resides in Mr. Stanford's Yeti cooler (right next to the Dr. Pepper).

Harrison, Whit, Benson, Gideon, and George at Boonesboro
For lunch, we enjoyed some barbecue sandwiches and some leftover macaroni pasta (if you wanted it).  Along with that was some baked beans and cole slaw.  Following lunch was of course some more ga-ga before the afternoon merit badge classes begin and the first year scouts headed to Goin' Great.  The afternoon was full of excitement for the first year scouts because they earned their Totin' Chip, which means they understand how to use a knife safely and they have agreed to do so.  The excitement is not really around the Totin' Chip, but around the knives they could purchase in the trading post!  Lots of money was spent there collectively today.  Also in the afternoon a group of guys checked out Boonesboro, which you'll read more about tomorrow.

Mr. Baird representing the troop with a shotgun.
Before dinner, we had a team represent our troop in the tug-of-war competition.  They did very well, winning the first round and coming close in the second round.  Jason, Liam, Boone, Miles, and Luke took the rope for the troop.  Dinner consisted of Salisbury steak, green peas, baked potatoes, and a chocolate eclair motif.  The food in the dining hall has been exceptional for camp food.  The leaders have heard no complaints about the food from the scouts.  Once the high adventure crew returned, Mr. Baird competed in the Scoutmaster shoot and shot 8 out of 10 for a very respectable score.  The scoutmasters were then treated to a cracker barrel of popcorn chicken, fried cheese sticks, and chips and cheese dip and salsa.

Miles providing light for Ga-ga into the night!
Before bedtime, many of the boys (including those from the high adventure group) played a rousing game of Uno that caught the attention of anyone not playing.  The boys were definitely having a good time.  The weather today was nice even though we had a few periods of rain.  For more pictures, please see our online photo album.