Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Home on the range (Summer Camp Day 3)

Mr. Lytle, Beck, and Michael before class
Tuesday started well as the troop awoke at 5:45 to tackle the day.  It was a cool night and pleasant morning at 67 degrees.  The routine from the day before is being practiced again and the scouts are starting to get the hang of it.  After the morning flag ceremony, we enjoyed french toast sticks and scrambled (folded) eggs for breakfast.  Then everyone headed to their perspective merit badge classes at the Ecology Lodge, Waterfront, Humanities Hut, and other areas around camp.  The adult leaders are very pleased that the scouts are so diligent with their class attendance and studies.

Buddy tag board at waterfront
The Eagle Bound scouts took to the water for the first time since their swim test as they worked on the Swimming merit badge.  The cool morning made the morning swim quite brisk but the boys handled it easily.  Each time you enter the Waterfront you must have a buddy and you must place your buddy tag on the board.  This way the lifeguards can always account for who is in the area at any time.  So far our buddy tags have really only been used for advancement, but I'm sure we'll be getting in the water more before week's end.

As merit badge classes finished up for the morning we met on the parade grounds for lunch.  Lunch consisted of barbecue pork sandwiches and oatmeal creme pies.  While scouts enjoyed the lunch, they left a little hungry and were looking immediately for some snacks.  Fortunately, the troop has an ample amount of snack food back at camp and we were able to keep the scouts nourished throughout the afternoon.  The trading post has not been a viable option for snacks.  They have only a few candy bars, very salty popcorn, yoo-hoos, and some fountain drinks.  We are still waiting to see the availability of slushies, ice cream, and a better variety of snack food.

Miles handling the shotgun well
During the afternoon, several scouts earned the Geology merit badge after a brief class at the Ecology Lodge.  Most scouts also took advantage of the shooting sports range where the troop had the ability to shoot at the archery, rifle, and shotgun ranges.  Several scouts made themselves at home at the range and did extremely well shooting targets and clay pigeons.  Scouts tried shooting for the first time in some cases.  The scouts collaborated on which boys should represent the troop at the shooting competition for Wednesday afternoon.  Each troop has two shooters each for archery, rifle, and shotgun.  Today's free shooting helped to prepare the scouts for this competition.

Andrew Stanford running the 5K with Joe rooting him on
After our outing to the shooting sports range, we headed for the flag ceremony before dinner.  We were treated to country fried steak without gravy, miniature potatoes, and carrots.  For dessert we enjoyed chocolate cake!  Immediately after dinner, ASM Andrew Stanford prepared to run the Camp Sequoyah 5K and SPL Jacob and a few other scouts prepared for the Staff vs. Campers Ultimate Frisbee Game.  Mr. Stanford finished the 5K in 29 minutes and the campers lost a close, hard fought battle to the staff.  After the game, several scouts joined other campers in a friendly, but competitive game of ga-ga.

Scouts in the ga-ga pit
Joe in the epic chess match at the trading post
After all of this physical activity, a highly competitive and intellectual game of chess ensued between Joe and a staff member in the trading post.  After over an hour, Joe prevailed in what has been described as an epic chess match.  Scouts from multiple troops were rooting on Joe to victory.  Once back at camp, the chess games continued at one table while a game of poker ensued on the other. 

We all settled in for the night around 10:00 and it was a quiet and uneventful night.  Weather for today was quite hot during the afternoon in the sun, but quite pleasant in the shade and in the evening.  There was no rain at all and we were thankful for that.

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