Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Adventure Valley Mud Run (Summer Camp Day 2)

Our breakfast for the day!
After a good night sleep, a 5:30 wake up call was given by SPL Jacob.  Some scouts were a little slow moving, but eventually we made it to the parade grounds to raise the flag and have breakfast.  It was a hearty breakfast of scrambled (or folded) eggs, biscuits and gravy, and sausage links and all scouts are getting enough to eat.

Several scouts and our youngest ASM at class

After breakfast scouts headed to merit badge classes across camp and our two first year scouts attended Eagle Bound.  A few mentioned the classes were boring and those were typically the ones with a lot of classroom type work.  The scouts all agree that the classes with more activity are more fun.  Many scouts enjoyed the shooting sports classes the best.

We all gathered back for lunch and enjoyed taquitos, spanish rice and mandarin oranges.  It was starting to warm up pretty well and we were treated with some electrolyte pops for desert.  At each meal there are scouts that serve in the role of kitchen patrol.  They are responsible for setting the table, bringing the food and drinks to the table, and cleaning up after words.  Each scout has done a good job with this, so be sure to utilize them at home if you are not already!
Michael, Tyson, and Beck cleaning.

During the afternoon, the scouts spent time relaxing and just enjoying camp.  Our scheduled recreational swim did not occur due to a typical afternoon thunderstorm.  The thunderstorm lasted about an hour or so and wasn't too much of an issue other than cancelling our swim.  Some scouts left items on the clothesline, but otherwise the troop just enjoyed some card games or chess at the campsite.

The rain subsided just in time to head to dinner.  At dinner we enjoyed Swedish meatballs, green beans, and macaroni and cheese.  We were treated to a lemon pound cake for dessert.  After dinner, everyone went back to camp to prepare for Adventure Valley Mud Run!!

Adventure Valley is a mud run is a tradition at Camp Sequoyah where scouts and leaders run through the woods on a trail through streams, bogs, and other obstacles.  The main purpose of the mud run is to get dirty!  About 60 campers participated in the run and 8 of them were from our troop.  The boys (and one Assistant Scoutmaster) did well and the other adult leaders and some of the other scouts enjoyed rooting them on.
The mud run participants - before!

After the mud run a complete hosing off was required before a shower by the participants.  While there were many bumps and bruises by several boys, the troop made it through the event with only a sprained ankle by Michael.  The evening was capped off with several games of chess and a rousing game of Uno.  It was much easier to fall asleep due to the cooler temperatures that the rain brought.
Luke and Andrew in the mud with Hunter next!

Michael healing up with the help of Aiden.

Jacob, Paul, Beck, and Hunter enjoying chess.
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