Thursday, February 9, 2017

Scouting sleuths

On Monday, Jan. 30, Troop 50 parent and Auburn Police Officer Bill Schallock led a merit badge class on the Fingerprinting Merit Badge for Troop 50 Scouts. Scouts recognize Officer Schallock as a school resource officer assigned to Auburn High School, as well as a popular figure at the police department's annual D.A.R.E. summer camp.

Officer Schallock instructs Scouts on the proper techniques to lift fingerprints from the surface of a plastic cup.

Paul shows off his fingerprint card.
To earn the merit badge, Scouts discussed the history of fingerprinting, the differences between cataloged fingerprints and systems that use biometric fingerprints to gain entry (such as to buildings or secured areas), and the types of fingerprints and how to use them to identify individuals or suspects. Scouts also had the opportunity to lift fingerprints from surfaces through a process similar to what crime-scene technicians use, as well as to fingerprint themselves using a standard fingerprint card.

For more photos from the Fingerprinting Merit Badge class, visit the troop's online photo album.