Monday, August 22, 2016

Court of Honor celebrates summer achievements

On Monday, Aug. 15, Troop 50 Scouts, leaders, and families gathered to celebrate the troop’s summer accomplishments at its annual end-of-summer court of honor.

Luke (right) receives congratulations from ASPL Louie for earning
the Tenderfoot rank.

Senior Patrol Leader Creighton welcomed everyone and, with the assistance of Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Louie, began with the presentation of new rank advancements to 11 Scouts:
  • a Scout rank was awarded to Jackson
  • Tenderfoot ranks were awarded to Luke and Paul
  • First Class ranks were awarded to Clay, Carl and Miles
  • Life ranks were awarded to Aiden, Creighton, Ethan, Everett and Liam

Aiden (right) received six merit badges from SPL Creighton and
congratulations from ASPL Louie.

Creighton and Louie then presented 64 merit badges to the troop’s Scouts. The majority of these were earned by Scouts attending summer camp at Camp Skymont, but a few also were completed through Scouts working with the troop’s various merit badge counselors.

New youth leaders installed at the court of honor include (left to right):
Liam, Jason, Rusty, Miles, Hunter, Ethan and Joe.
Scoutmaster Baird followed the awards presentations with the installation of new youth leaders who were appointed to positions since the last court of honor. These appointments included Liam as lead troop instructor, Jason as troop historian, Rusty as assistant troop quartermaster, Miles as quartermaster for the Mountaineers Patrol, Hunter as a troop instructor, Ethan as a troop instructor, and Joe as troop scribe.

The court of honor closed with a presentation by Chartered Organization Representative Michael Tullier about the Order of the Arrow. The video overview of the OA is available online for those who were absent or wish to view it again. The troop anticipates offering a troop election in the next month.

For additional photos from the court of honor, visit the troop’s online photo album.