Monday, April 11, 2016

A tradition continues

From left to right are Aiden, Creighton, Everett, Luke, and Jason.
On Friday, April 8, a tradition continued as Troop 50 welcomed its newest scout from Pack 29 during the pack's annual Arrow of Light ceremony at Auburn United Methodist Church.  Luke (the one pictured with the troop hat) becomes the latest of a long line of scouts coming from the pack.  Four scouts and four leaders from the troop were present to welcome Luke into our family.  We are very happy to have Luke's family as part of our troop as well. 

Another very unique tradition continues with Luke's addition to Troop 50.  Pack 29 has an annual scout spirit award called the Jimmy Stewart Award.  This award is presented to a scout each year based on the scout's spirit and work ethic in scouting and beyond.  It is a huge honor among Pack 29 scouts to receive this award and Troop 50 has had the distinct pleasure to have all four of the Jimmy Stewart Award winners as part of our troop.  Winners are Mark (2013), Nicky (2014), Hunter (2015), and Luke (2016).  We are so honored that these excellent scouts have chosen to be a part of our troop.

Luke joins six scouts who have joined the troop in recent months.  The troop will round out its new scout class next month as it welcomes a new scout from Pack 811.  The troop's continued growth of new membership is important as we lose several more members this year who will be moving on to college and careers.