Monday, December 7, 2015

With all precincts reporting...

On Monday evening, Troop 50 held its biannual youth leader elections for its senior patrol leader and two patrol leaders.

Newly elected SPL Nicky (left) with his ASPL Josh (right)
The field of candidates for senior patrol leader included three candidates — Star Scouts Josh and Nicky, and Life Scout Michael. Josh and Nicky offered speeches outlining their qualifications and plans for serving in this position while current SPL Louie read prepared comments from Michael who was absent due to illness. After a single round of voting, the troop elected Nicky, who selected Josh as his assistant senior patrol leader.

Under the watchful eye of newly elected SPL Nicky,
Jason (seated, center) and  his assistant patrol leader
Ethan (seated to his left) meet with members
of their new patrol.
Following SPL elections, the troop considered candidates to serve as patrol leaders for each of the troop's two patrols. Scouts vying for these positions include First Class Scouts Ethan, Everett, Aiden, Jason, and Joe. Michael, who previously ran for senior patrol leader, was advanced as a patrol leader candidate as well. Each candidate, with the exception of Aiden, who was absent due to soccer practice, spoke to the troop about what he would bring to the position if elected. Following a single round of voting, the troop elected Everett and Jason.

Assisted by newly selected ASPL Josh,
Everett (seated, center) and  his new
assistant patrol leader Joe (seated first on the left)
meet with members of their new patrol.
With new troop and patrol leadership, all Scouts were reassigned to patrols. While the troop's newly elected leadership will be officially installed at next Monday's court of honor and Christmas party, newly organized patrols met to select their assistant patrol leaders, as well as discuss patrol names, patrol flag designs, and patrol yells. The new Mountaineer Patrol led by Jason selected Ethan as its assistant patrol leader and Everett's new Eagle Patrol selected Joe as its assistant patrol leader. The patrols will reconvene when the troop resumes its weekly meetings in January after its Christmas break, at which time the patrols will finalize their patrol flags and yells.