Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Two more Eagles in the Nest

      The troop welcomed two new Eagle Scouts into the nest as Robert Perry and Andrew Stanford passed their Eagle Board of Review. Both of them have worked hard this summer to complete their Eagle service projects and the final Eagle-required merit badges. The pair were two of six Scouts from the District who appeared before the Saugahatchee Eagle Board as the final step on their journey to Eagle.

Eagle Scout Robert Perry

Eagle Scout Andrew Stanford

      Robert's Eagle service project was performed at Pick Elementary School and involved the construction of two flower boxes using landscaping bricks. During his Board of Review, Robert noted that he had several good workers who made the project much easier. His biggest problem was finding time to complete the project among all of his other summer activities and his work schedule. Andrew's project was also done at Pick. It included the construction of a fence to guard the edge of the creek bank and an observation deck that can be used by students during science classes along the creek. Both projects were funded with grants from the school. More information about the projects is found in a previous blog post - "A pair of projects prosper at Pick." 

Andrew is congratulated by his parents Lysha and Rob Stanford. 

Robert celebrates with his parents Jim and Jill Perry along with
his sister Samantha and his older brother (and Eagle Scout) Chris. 

      Both of our new Eagles are founding members of Troop 50 and have played key roles in the leadership of the troop. Robert has served as a patrol leader and the troop guide. Andrew completed two terms as the senior patrol leader and currently serves as the assistant senior patrol leader. He is also the inaugural recipient of the troop's James J. Baird, Jr. Honor Scout Award. 

      As we look forward to the upcoming Eagle Courts of Honor for the pair, other prospective Eagles from the troop are soon to join them as other Scouts finish up requirements and new Eagle projects are planned. Thanks to Andrew and Robert for their hard work and great example to other Scouts. 

      Troop 50's Eagle Scouts are honored with an Eagles' Nest page on the troop website.