Saturday, June 13, 2015

All in

       Our week at Camp Sequoyah is now done and the Scouts are safely home. I can almost hear washing machines churning throughout Auburn. This morning we gathered our gear, loaded up the trailer, cleaned the campsite, and readied ourselves for the journey home. The troop members also signed a card for Hunter, who was forced to miss the week at camp due to illness. We wish him a speedy recovery. After picking up patches and paperwork (and paying for now two holes in our campsite canvas) we gathered at the flagpoles for a group photo.

The troop poses with our Commissioners Spirit Award at the close of a successful week at camp. 

      As we entered Auburn on the ride home, we were met with a sign reading "Welcome Home Troop 50" prepared by Mr. and Mrs. Harris. A similar sign by the Cottiers met us in the Church parking lot. The great support that we have from parents is what makes the troop so successful. Our adult leaders are also great examples for the youth to follow. I want to thank Wes Williams, Billy Lytle, and Christian Dagg for giving their time all week to make this a successful camping experience for the boys. Special thanks to our troop committee chair, Rob Stanford, who did all the planning, coordinated the merit badge sign-up, paid all the bills, towed the trailer to and from camp, and did the hundred other things needed to make everything run smoothly. It couldn't have been done without everyone's help. 

      A big share of the credit for our great experience goes to the youth leadership. Our new senior patrol leader, Louie, and patrol leaders Creighton and Nicky worked hard to keep things running smoothly. They are a mature and level-headed set of leaders and will continue to serve the troop well in the future. 

Creighton, Louie, and Nicky with our ribbon. 

      The final photos from today are found in the online photo gallery