Saturday, June 8, 2013

Church Service

Louie moves the last of the once large pile of mulch

       First Presbyterian held a church-wide work day on Saturday morning which followed up on the work done in March. Most of the work involved spreading mulch around the numerous trees, shrub beds, and flower boxes on the church property. A dump truck brought in an eleven cubic yard load of mulch, which was dumped in the parking lot. Volunteers moved the mulch via wheelbarrow and spread it in the appropriate locations. Another crew worked pruning trees and brush while a third group cleaned gutters and the top of a covered walkway. Despite the heat, all of the mulch was distributed by approximately 10:30 am. Troop 50 scouts and adults provided some of the manpower for the tasks. Louie, one of our newest scouts, shoveled mulch at a pace that outlasted all of the adults and amazed everyone with his energy. Clearly, hard work doesn't faze him.

Vincent spreads mulch in the church courtyard.
        We are glad to help the church where we can, in gratitude for the space and support they provide to us. First Presbyterian has a long history of support to Scouting and we are glad to build on the connection to the church community.