Monday, May 20, 2013

Regime Change

        Troop 50 underwent its first peaceful transition of power this evening as elections were held for senior patrol leader and the two patrol leaders. Fears of campaign finance irregularities or turmoil at the polls quickly proved unfounded and Andrew was elected as the new SPL. He then selected Vincent to serve as assistant SPL. Andrew previously served as the patrol leader of the Anonymous Patrol and Vincent was the troop guide.

The new regime
        Following the SPL election, the scouts turned to the task of electing new patrol leaders. In a close election, followed by a runoff, Davis was chosen to lead the Average Joes and Ethan to head the Anonymous Patrol. Each patrol then met to select their assistant leader. Kyle was selected as APL for the Average Joes and the outgoing SPL, Jake, was the choice to serve as Ethan's assistant in Anonymous.

Anonymous leadership
Just some Average Joes

        The inauguration of the newly elected leadership will take place at the Court of Honor on June 3rd. At that time, the new leaders will begin to implement the "hope and change" they promised in their campaign speeches. Scouts selected to act as quartermaster and troop guide will also be installed at the Court of Honor. While the winds of change sweep a new regime into office, the future appears bright with promise for the scouts of Troop 50. Congratulations to our new youth leadership!