Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Meet Andrew, patrol leader of the Anonymous Patrol

My name is Andrew, and I'm the patrol leader of the Anonymous Patrol. I am in Scouts because I love to be outdoors, I am a leader and will help anyone who needs it at anytime, and I love to have fellowship with my friends who I can have fun with! I am a Life Scout, a member of the Order of the Arrow and have attended National Youth Leader Training. Although I am active in Scouting, I do many other things in my life. I play soccer on the JV Soccer Team for Auburn High, I go to church, I am in the Auburn High Marching Band and I love Auburn University Sports and Auburn High Sports!

The patrol leader is the elected leader of his patrol. He represents his patrol on the troop Patrol Leaders’ Council, works with the troop's senior patrol leader and other youth leaders, and appoints the patrol's assistant patrol leader.